Junput is yet another beach resort of West Bangal, although the beach here is usually exposed only when the tide ebbs. The casuarina trees, kissed by the gentle breeze at Junput, are a soothing sight.
After independence, Junput was overlooked for development as a beach resort, Digha being chosen instead. Later, Junput was harnessed for scientific research and industry. A centre for studies in marine biology is the nucleus for the area's sea-fish research and shark oil extraction. Junput also has a farm for breeding ducks. The beach is unspoilt. Brackish water fish cultivation and research are done here by the State Government Fisheries Department.
Junput is 40 km. from Digha and regular bus services are available. A bus from Digha would lead to Junput via Kanthi. Kanthi and Junput are eight kilometres apart.

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